Adding buttons and macros with custom keyboard shortcuts

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Created by Franknarf 11 Jun 2010 23:54

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You could let the user add pre-customized blocks of commands/text to the "Modules" menu; and ditto for the toolbar.

At the same time, you could allow these to be accessed by custom shortcuts. In Scientific Workplace, one can hold CTRL while typing in any expression to call up the code associated with that expression. Something like that…

So what I'm imagining is one entry in the "Modules" menu called "Add macro," which brings up a window with boxes for

  • "name" to be seen on the Modules menu
  • "code" to be inserted when the macro is called
  • "hidden" a toggle for being listed in the Modules menu
  • "shortcut" (not sure how this is handled…dealing with conflicts, etc.)
  • "button" choose text/image to display on the button (or none)

There would be some way of editing these properties for older macros, like a menu item "Edit macros." And the item could be added to the toolbar in the normal way ("Tools" > "Settings…"). If this is done, you may want to let users re-arrange the buttons, too.


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Rearranging buttons on the toolbar is different (and immensely complicated) … don't want to think about that right now ;-) I think it's possible though.

Adding macros… in some form (perhaps not as full-featured as you're asking here) is a good idea. Over time it can be expanded to hopefully do most / all / more of the things you've asked for here.

Probably the best way to do it for now would be to keep it separate from the modules and buttons - and have it in it's own popup similar to the code wizard popup - but instead of a list of languages to choose from you'd have all of the buttons you had defined, and the ability to add/remove those buttons.

  1. Click button on toolbar to launch dialog
  2. Choose your custom 'macro' from the dialog
    • Macro added to the text area
    • Dialog closes automatically

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Rejecting this in favour of Support for user-created templates instead - it currently has more votes. If you have voted on this wish but not on the other one, please vote there as well.

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