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Exporting a page to the web requires the following:

  1. Proper configuration of your API key.
  2. Proper permissions from the site and page you want to export (save).
  3. A working Internet connection.
For this example, we will use STE to create the "doc:import" page on the STE web site.
export-to-web00(1).jpgAfter creating the content, click the "Export (Save to Web)" toolbar button.
export-to-web01.jpgEnter the site name and page name and click the "Get page meta data" button.
export-to-web02.jpgSince the page does not exist, STE throws us an error message telling us that.
export-to-web03.jpgFill in the page title, tags and parent page information as needed and click the "Export page" button.
export-to-web04.jpgIf we entered everything correctly, we get a message that the page exported successfully.
export-to-web05.jpgIf we refresh the main support documentation page, we see that the "Import (Open from Web) page is now listed in the documentation index.
export-to-web06(1).jpgIf we selected the "Open in browser after export?" option before saving, the page we created open in our default browser.
export-to-web07(1).jpgNow we just have to upload the images and fix any typos (like the link to the API key documentation). ;)
export-to-web08.jpgRefresh the page to see the result.

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